Religious Abuse

1261202002Inside the walls of the church…

It’s where many find safety, meaning, community, purpose, love, and new beginnings.

It’s where you can let your guard down, trusting that the people around you have your best interests at heart.

It’s a refuge where others guide, help, and support you.

But those feelings can change.

Sometimes, it happens slowly; other times, it happens so quickly that you don’t even know it. Either way, you sense that “something’s not right.”

Maybe your trust has been violated, leaving you feeling like you’re on the outside looking in. You feel ostracized from your community of family and friends – confused… broken.

Or maybe, despite following the rules, dedicating your time, and giving your money to the Church, you feel like it’s not enough – like YOU are not enough.

Instead of feeling uplifted, you feel pain, shame, confusion, or betrayal. Instead of joy and peace, you experience condemnation, isolation, and doubt.

Nothing about this feels like “good news.”

1647753364You have so many questions…

“How did this happen?”

“Who can I talk to about it?”

“What do I do??”

Your faith is important to you, but you aren’t sure if you can do this anymore.

I’m glad you’re here, looking for answers.

Religious abuses of power can take many forms: spiritual, emotional, and physical. And the fallout can be devastating.

As a former pastor’s daughter, therapist, and woman of faith, I have seen every side of the equation and have sat with many women walking a path toward healing, wholeness, and freedom.

Let me join you on this sacred journey to understand the cycle of abuse.

You, too, can break it and find healing!

I look forward to meeting you. Let’s schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation to talk more: (945) 223-8213.