Chronic Illness

682527202Getting through the day…

Dealing with a chronic illness can be all-consuming, touching your every decision and relationship.

The illness doesn’t just touch your physical body. It affects your mind and emotions, leaving you feeling anxious, depressed, and hopeless. And that’s a problem because your outlook, hope, and peace of mind affect your stress levels, energy reserves, and ability to heal!

It’s exhausting… and deflating. With so much loss, it’s hard not to feel despair.

And when you don’t see a way forward, the darkness moves in.

When life doesn’t look like it used to…

You might even have days where you don’t recognize yourself – where you don’t know who you really are anymore.

You have hard decisions to make and feel pulled on every side. It feels like making the wrong choice could be devastating.

You want the answers that will bring relief and healing, but the noise is so loud it’s hard to hear your own voice. Unsure of what to do, you feel frozen.

Where can you turn to move forward?

158366639You’ve come to the right place.

I will see you, hear you, and support you with tools to navigate this “new normal” or “in-between” health journey.

Whatever your diagnosis or prognosis, we’ll explore how your illness has impacted your personal, emotional, relational, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Illness can change how you move through the world and see yourself. There are no easy answers. HOWEVER, with therapy, we will help you rediscover YOU and your LIFE by addressing fear, confusion, difficult adjustments, anxiety, depression, shame, and loss.

Together, we will look at how to face hard realities AND take care of your emotional and spiritual health allowing you to experience moments of beauty, joy, comfort, and hope in the middle of the painful unknowns.

We will also talk honestly about how your illness has impacted your relationships and give you resources to make necessary adjustments and communicate in ways that facilitate mutual respect and understanding, allowing you to be supported in meaningful ways… while safeguarding the health of your relationships.

I have other resources for you, too.


I have written a book that speaks to many of the emotions and experiences you face. It is called Dear Susan: Letters of Comfort, Hope, and Peace for Women Facing a Life-Changing Illness. It’s based on my own experience with illness. It is a book of letters written from my heart to yours. It will take you on a journey that will address the complexity of your anguish while providing a bridge to finding new joy, meaning, strength, and the freedom to be fully alive.


I have also created an online course called the Beautiful Life Blueprint. It gives five powerful emotional and spiritual tools that allowed me to experience moments of beauty and joy during a painful illness when I faced heartbreaking unknowns.


You don’t have to do this alone! There is a circle of support for you called W.I.T.H. (Walking It Together Here). We connect monthly via online group calls, and you’ll have access to monthly topical videos that help you navigate difficult situations and issues related to illness.

I welcome you to my personal website to explore these resources.

I know this is a difficult road.

But there are resources to help… and I’m here for you.

Improving your mental and emotional health is key to restoring your physical health. That’s why I’m here… and that’s what we’ll do.

You don’t have to suffer through this alone!

Let me walk with you. Call me for a free 20-minute consultation: (945) 223-8213.